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Batgirl is Tormented and Fucked


Circle : XC
Starring : Melody Jordan, Rock,Maxwell Bhear
Genre: US/EU,Batman,Batwoman,Action,Humiliation,Bondage,Forced sex,Gangbang,SM

Batgirl has been captured by two thugs, they drag her into a deserted warehouse and start beating on her, kicking her and punching her in the belly. They want to know the identity of Batman and where the Batcave is, she refuses to give them the information. They strap her down to a chair and start to tickle her, she still refuses to talk. So the guys go to their favorite interrogation tactic: tormenting her, they pull out their kit and inject her with a truth serum, that also amplifies the pain receptors, then they run a pinwheel all over her body and poke her with a rod causing her to scream. They then decide that the best medicine for this bat is the Hitachi, and rub her pussy with it, causing her to squirt and have a massive orgasm. They can’t figure out how to get her to talk, so they decide that they will unmask her and use her body for their enjoyment. Under the mask is Barbra Gordon, and they decide that they will pay Commissioner Gordon a visit after they fuck her face and mouth and cum inside of her. *Explicit Sexual Content

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 450.3 MB

Batgirl_Tormented_Fucked.mp4 (450.3 Mb)

Batgirl_Tormented_Fucked.mp4 – 450.3 MB

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