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Saharra Huxly vs. Sarah Jessie


Actress : Saharra Huxly,Sarah Jessie
Genre : US/EU,Wrestling,Battle,Catfight,Fighting,Lezdom,Lesbian

Oh Huxly, how you enjoy the small girls, the ones you can throw around like a rag doll and Sarah Jessie is just one of those girls, yes she has such a sexy thin figure. Saharra Huxly is by far our biggest wrestler and she so loves her work, she just loves bending beautiful babes like pretzels, and that’s just what happens in this fabulous match. Huxly bends Sarah over her shoulder, the ropes, her knee, the corner and my favorite the exercise ball where she pours water over her breasts making those erect nipples jut through her thin shirt, and shortly after she rips the shirt off. Upside down she hangs the sexy blonde then wets her sleek body again before she ties her hands for more stretching in so many varied positions. All this builds up to the super finish – her wet body is hung from the ceiling so she can have her way with this body she lusts for – yes the best is this fabulous ending !!!!!

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 568.3 MB

DT1352.mp4 (568.2 Mb)

DT1352.mp4 – 568.2 MB

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