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Seducing Super-Skye


Starring : Keri Spectrum , Skye Blue
Genre: US/EU,Action,Fighting,Superheroine,Humiliation,Evil,fantasy,lezdom,lesbian,Wonder Woman,Bondage

That evil witch Wonder Woman is at again, trying to take over Metropolis and if that means seducing and capturing every superhero in this city, then so be it! This week’s unlucky target happens to be SuperSkye who Wonder Woman places a fake emergency call to, knowing full well that SuperSkye will be flying in at any moment! To no surprise, SuperSkye flies in and Wonder Woman tells her the suspect is over somewhere robbing a bank!
SuperSkye doesn’t seem to see anybody but is still easily distracted. This gives Wonder Woman the perfect opportunity to spring onto SuperSkye and douse her with some red kryptonite! This red kryptonite has a certain power over it that turns Krypton beings very horny and dazed! SuperSkye is feeling all sorts of warmness and confusion coming over her as WonderWoman spends some quality time with her by putting her is several sexy submission holds like headscissors, healdocks, facesits, and other sexy ways to make SuperSkye her submissive play toy!
Wonder Woman also gets a little handsy as well, groping and grabbing SuperSkye’s tits and pussy through SuperSkye’s blue latex suit and enjoying the sounds coming from SuperSkye’s mouth of dazed passion and red kryptonite infused orgasmic building experience.
It hits a sexy fever pitch as Wonder Woman strips SuperSkye down to her bra and panties, using her truth lasso to use as some magical bondage to tie up SuperSkye and really put the binding sexiness to a whole new light! With SuperSkye all tied up and reaching a climax she’ll never forget, Wonder Woman starts to grind and trib the orgasmic bliss out of the both of them until they are both screaming loud enough for the league of justice to hear from the outer limits of space!
Once their climaxes wind down, Wonder Woman snickers as her newest prized captive is lying on her back all tied up with no energy to do anything to resist. She gets her Wonder Woman back on and leaves Super-Skye in a completely orgasmed shell of herself on the floor.

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 222.7 MB


SeducingSuperSkyeKerSky.mp4 (222.7 Mb)

SeducingSuperSkyeKerSky.mp4 – 222.7 MB

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