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SPSA-45 Gishi Gishi Purun5: Terrifying Cursed Doll


Actress : Nozomi Arimura 有村のぞみ
Series : Heroine Surrender
Charactor : Ranger
Genre : Superheroine,Action,Fighting,Humiliation,Leotard,Miniskirt,School Girl,Forced sex,SM
Release date : 2023/05/12

White Eagle, the masked wrestling angel of justice, called ”Gishi Gishi Purun” by everyone, fights in the ring against the vicious life guidance teachers and protects the hurt students today. Her spectacular wrestling skills were feared by the vicious principals. However, by chance, the school’s honor student, Moeko Shiraishi, becomes suspicious that she’s Gishi Gishi Purun…Moeko Shiraishi was hurt in the name of a special class, but no complete proof was found. The principal uses Moeko Shiraishi’s bodily fluids to create a cursed doll! Then, when Gishi Gishi Purun appears in the ring and the vicious life guidance teachers are defeated, the cursed doll is used. Suddenly unable to fight due to a physical mutation, Gishi Gishi Purun is hurt in the ring by the principal and life guidance teachers. Her developing body is sexually attacked. She fainted in agony from the continuous cumming and rotted away on the ring…[BAD ENDING]

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 961.2 MB
Download or WATCH ONLINE – 469.2 MB

SPSA45_J1.mp4 (469.0 Mb)
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SPSA45_J1.mp4 – 469.0 MB
SPSA45_J2.mp4 – 960.8 MB

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