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Wonder Karly vs Megan The Mutilator


mp4 |Size: 198.77 MB| Duration: 00:12:58| Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo | Video: h264| Resolution : 1920×1080
Genre: US/EU,Superheroine,Wonder Woman,Action,Humiliation,Lezdom,Lesbian

Wonder Karly Salinas is getting ready for her day of crime fighting by stretching when Megan Jones “The Destroyer” comes in to challenge her. Wonder Karly is up for it and they waste no time engaging in a test of strength. Wonder Karly overpowers Megan the Destroyer and converts the advantage into a figure four lock, making Megan give. She catches Karly off guard and gets her in a bear hug then converts it to a bodyscissor, trying to squeeze poor Wonder Karly”s insides! Karly gives and the battle wages on. There is a variety of choke and submission holds-it”s clear these ladies have it out for each other. They use dirty tactics to try and knock out their opponent! Wonder Karly gains the advantage with a guillotine followed by a standing headscissor, weakening Megan the Destroyer. She”s dazed and out of it. The fight ends with one super woman delivering multiple gut punches until their enemy is completely laid OUT on the mats. Only question is: does good defeat evil, or does Karly get done in by the Destroyer? Wonder Karly prevails and poses over her downed foe!

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 198.8 MB

WonderKarlyvsMeganMutilator.mp4 (198.8 Mb)

WonderKarlyvsMeganMutilator.mp4 – 198.8 MB

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