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Boss Canes Her Secretary Hard


Starring: Bella, Scarlet
Genre: US/EU,Action,lezdom,lesbian,Humiliation,OL,Pantyhose

Bella receives a phone call from her boss, Miss Scarlet, instructing her to come to her office. Miss Scarlet has discovered that Bella has been sending provocative images of herself to one of their clients and is furious.
Bella knows that this means that she will be getting caned, as after her past misdemeanour Miss Scarlet had made her sign an amended contract allowing her Miss Scarlet to cane Bella if there were any more breaches of rules.
Bella takes 10 strokes on her bottom kneeling on a stool, 10 standing leaning over the table, 10 strokes holding her ankles, 10 strokes kneeling on the stool with her hands on the floor and bottom in the air, and 10 strokes on her back on the sofa with her legs up. 50 strokes in total on her bottom.
Miss Scarlet decides to give her an extra six on the backs of her thighs before instructing her to stand, just wearing her lingerie, facing the wall to reflect.
Miss Scarlet wears a black pencil skirt, satin blouse and waist cinched, stockings and stiletto heels.
Bella wears office attire but is soon stripped to her Agent Provocateur lingerie and stocking and stiletto heels.
The clip show the two different camera angles in full for the majority of the cane strokes.

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 603.3 MB


BossCanesHerSecretaryHard.mp4 (602.9 Mb)

BossCanesHerSecretaryHard.mp4 – 602.9 MB

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