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Tonights Slave – Ashley Fires


Genre: US/EU,Action,Humiliation,Lezdom,Lesbian,Bondage,strapon,SM

Tonight Sadie is mine. To do with as I please. She will obey my every command. She will fulfill my every desire. I will break her down and then build her back up to be my perfect lesbian slave. She is shackled and blindfolded on the ground. Shrugging and moaning in anticipation. I walk around her making her aware of presence but never touching her. I finally let her feel the cold leather of my flogger. Then reward her with spanking her already red ass. She is going to make a fine play toy. I her body for a while before I use the a pussy pump on her wet cunt. I puff her lips up before I stretch them with a huge dildo. She screams in ecstasy but she will not cum. Not yet. I come in with my strap on and it down her throat. She gags on my big pink cock as I make her look at me with those pretty watering eyes. I make her gag even more until there of streams of saliva are dripping off of her mouth. I spit in her mouth as I slap her messy face! I thrown her over my fucking cube and start to thrust my strap-on inside of her. I fuck her hard. I choke her until her eyes roll. She cums. Now it’s time for her to earn her keep. I instruct her to squirt her warm milk all over my hot ass and then lick it up. I have her squirt streams of milk all over my pussy and then she will lick it all off as I shoot my girlie cum all over face. Then I make her… This is one my hottest “LESBIAN DOMINATION”

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 326.9 MB


TonightsSlave_AshleyFires.mp4 (326.9 Mb)

TonightsSlave_AshleyFires.mp4 – 326.9 MB

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