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Vanishing act kearstin harlequin’s heroes


Starring : Kearstin
Genre: US/EU,Action,superheroines,Fighting,Humiliation,catfight,fantasy,Evil

Starring Kearstin as Miss Marvelous
Ms Marvelous Grey, standing over 6ft tall, encounters a perverted named Vanishing Act who can turn invisible. Normally the powers would be no match for one of the world’s most dangerous psionic telepaths. However this comes to the fight armed with a power draining vibrating wand, given to him by an unnamed benefactor. The wand pleasure on Ms Marvelous Grey, clouding her concentration and neutralizing her telepathic powers. Possessing the upper hand, Vanishing Act is hired and determined to drain Ms Marvelous Grey’s life until there is nothing left! Will she prevail and defeat her assailant? Or will she fail and meet a most humiliating end?
Clip Includes: superheroine fetish, leg fetish, squatting fetish, high-cut French monokini, struggling, vibrator, lewd camerawork, heroine interrupted while trying to perform superpowers, orgasm, taunts, internal monologue, no escape, doom, peril, SHIP, DID, Damsel in boots, cum, cumming, moaning, groping, redheads, wig, pussy, vagina, pierced clit, orgasm, domination, humiliation, boy girl, male female domination, controlling villain, super villain, tall girls, camel toe, giantess
Previously this clip was uploaded with 15fps, this is the upgraded 30fps. If you purchased this previously and would like the cleaner version please contact me and I’ll send you the new file free, just reference your order number please.

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 312.7 MB


VanishingAct.mp4 (312.7 Mb)

VanishingAct.mp4 – 312.7 MB

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