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ZDAD-27 High School Student Special Agent – Nagi and Saya (FHD ver.)


Actress : Kanna 栞菜 , Ayana Tanigaki 谷垣綾南
Charactor : Woman Investigator
Genre : Investigator,Superheroine,Action,Fighting,Humiliation,Miniskirt,Evil,School Girls

Nagisa Aomi, a high-school girl, is a bright and sporty student, serving as president of the student body. She is capable of taking actions but weak in mechanical matters. Nagisa’s pal, Sayaka Yamabuki, is a filly and puts up a good fight in quite a contrast to Nagisa in character. She has gotten along well with Nagisa and they have been close friends since their childhood. Sayaka, somewhat wayward with bad manners, is high-tech oriented, handles PC with ease and is good at hacking. In light of their past contribution to nabbing a culprit group and saving a dying detective in a case they accidentally got involved in, both Nagisa and Sayaka have been licensed to act as agents for the Special Investigation Squad, which is a rare event for current high-school girls. As such, they have been in charge of cases where students are involved and ordinary criminal investigations are difficult. One day, a high-school girl is found dead, killed. The police plans to follow the call thread and mails recorded in her cell phone. But, the data has totally been destroyed by a formidable spy-ware virus which has been rampant in eroding data from personal information to corporate secrets. The Special Investigation Squad suspects that the virus can be traced to the super popular DX deco-mail software as the infection source. But, the mail cannot be traced to a specific site, since it is spread widely in a chain-mail fashion. Ayumi Morishita, a senior investigator at the Special Investigation Squad, assigns Nagisa and Sayaka to spot the original virus deco-mail sender through their association with peer students. They succeed in contacting the person who holds the key to the case. But the man turns out to be a cousin of Nagisa, Kouta. Nagisa and Sayaka set out on a dangerous tour of investigation, with Kouta in tow who might act as a drag…

Download or WATCH ONLINE – 639.1 MB


ZDAD-27_FHD_P1.mp4 (637.9 Mb)

ZDAD-27_FHD_P1.mp4 – 637.9 MB

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